Introducing our High Net Worth Insurance

Released On 14th Dec 2021

Introducing our High Net Worth Insurance

Are you a private customer with a high net worth home of above £500,000 to rebuild your home? Would replacing all of your contents would cost more than £100,000?  If so, you may need insurance that goes above and beyond the standard. Standard policies may not offer a pay out that reaches the value of your possessions and you may need to insure at a higher level to get all your possessions automatically covered. 

You may also have important items which need a special mention on your policy.  You will need thoughtful consultation to make sure that every part of your valuable property is discussed and considered in your insurance to make sure that it is covered at the value that it deserves.

We will help you to consider the precise details of your home and what will need insuring, from listed properties with extensive buildings to modern eco homes that need specialist consideration.  We will spend time helping you to consider the value of the contents that will need to be individually listed on your schedule, such as antiques, art, high level sports equipment and property machinery such as lawn mowers.  Perhaps you are still insuring the possessions of children who have left for university or bulk buy your meat from the farm or from game shoots and store it in large freezers.

We will advise you on employer liability if you employ staff to maintain your property and lifestyle. You will find our award winning customer service and renowned attention to detail will help you to find the right cover that reflects the value of the things that you hold close.  Our local knowledge and industry expertise, ensure that we can place your precise needs with our extensive range of insurers to make sure that we can find bespoke cover at a price that you can be confident with.

Things to consider.

A listed property or a modern high-spec build may cost more to rebuild after a fire than the initial property value would suggest and a separate valuation may be required.

You may wish to book an appointment with your local fire service to consider the additional fire suppressant systems and fire escapes that may be required to reduce the risk of devastating damage and loss of life.

You may have a range of properties that are used for different purposes and will need considering as part of your total bespoke package. Some of these may be overseas and need to follow different legal requirements. Consider the condition of external buildings such as stables used solely for storage, could they pose a risk to your other property or persons if they are not fully maintained.

You may need to consider taking a valuation on some of your property as the value of antiques changes with current fashion.  You may find that your first edition is worth more than you realised for example or you may have an old heirloom that has been gathering value as well as dust.  Allow a fresh pair of eyes to notice what may need an independent valuation.

Ride on mowers and other vehicles and machinery may need to be listed and may need vehicle insurance or public liability if they are operated by a range of people even if they are not used as road vehicles.

You may wish to discuss the security of your home, where your precious items are stored and whether your insurer considers this to be suitable security for the value of your property.

Consider what you may be taking with you when you travel.  You may need worldwide cover for your precious jewellery, expensive sports gear and clothing and electronic equipment.

Examples of Insurance you may need

  • High value buildings insurance
  • Holiday home insurance
  • Cover for unusual builds
  • Jewellery cover
  • Antiques insurance
  • Worldwide cover for essential belongings
  • Automatic Cover for new purchases
  • Employer liability for your staff

We are here to support you at every stage of your decision making and offer our award winning customer service so you know the process will be a enjoyable as buying insurance can be!