About Us

We don’t believe in finding you cheap business insurance, we believe in finding you the best business insurance at the lowest cost and working with you to ensure that you are supported your business journey. 

We carry out our own assessment of your business needs, risks, and budgets, to ensure we fully understand what you need.  We will then compare business insurance policies from over 300 insurers to find the one that meets those needs best and negotiate the best price for you.  We don’t use comparison sites; we deal directly to ensure the best value for you, with better coverage at a cheaper price in most instances.

Our unique claims handling service means that in the event of a claim all you have to worry about is carrying on with your work, let us do what we do best and support you to reach a settlement you are happy with. 

With over 30 years’ experience, we are the experts in insurance and working with companies just like yours.  We are also independent business owners ourselves so we understand that you are probably too busy to spend time sifting through hundreds of quotes, so we will break things down and make sure you get all the relevant information, without all the jargon!

And, of course, should you need us we are here 24/7 to advise you on any changes in cover or in the event of a claim.