HSE Inspection Guide

Released On 20th Apr 2022

HSE Inspection Guide

HSE Inspections allow licensed health and safety inspectors to visit your establishment and review whether the working environment and procedures are meeting regulatory standards. Inspectors of workplace every year often arriving on site-without warning 


Fees for intervention
If an inspector identifies a health and safety breach, you will be fined by the hour for the time spent on the inspection and how long it takes to correct the breach. This fee totals £154 an hour

Prosecution costs
You could face hefty non-compliance costs if a failed inspection leads to a prosecution.In fact, the average health and safety fine per conviction costs over £147,000.

Reputational downfall Your organisation’s reputation could be severely tarnished from a failed inspection—resulting in lost customers and employee turnover

Delegate a reliable person or committee to be in charge of maintaining proper health and safety standards on-site. This person or committee needs to have the correct skills, knowledge and experience to do so.

Utilise proper documentation of workplace health and safety by conducting a routine written risk assessment, implementing an effective accident or near-miss reporting system, and developing an incident response plan for handling on-site emergencies

Establish robust workplace policies and procedures to ensure that your employees are constantly making health and safety a priority on-site.

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