HSE Guidance Safe Use of Vehicles On Construction Sites

Released On 27th Oct 2021

HSE Guidance Safe Use of Vehicles On Construction Sites

Every year in the construction industry, people are killed or injured as a result of being struck by moving plant. Accidents can occur throughout the construction process, from groundworks to finishing works. Managers, workers, site visitors and the public can all be at risk if construction vehicle activities are not properly managed and controlled.

Many construction transport accidents result from the inadequate segregation of pedestrians and vehicles. This can usually be avoided by careful planning, particularly at the design stage, and by controlling vehicle operations during construction work. Inadequate planning and lack of control are the root causes of many construction vehicle accidents, which often involve:

• Vehicles or their loads striking people, particularly when reversing;

• Vehicles striking services and obstructions;

• Manufacturers’ instructions for safe use being disregarded;

• Inadequate training of drivers and signallers; and

• Unsafe loading and transportation of materials on vehicles.

Successful, safe management of construction vehicle activities is based on the provision and maintenance of workplaces, vehicles, drivers and work practices

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