Forewarned is forearmed

Released On 11th Dec 2020

Here we go…

  •          There are around 65,000 attempts every day to hack into businesses in the UK
  •          4,500 a day are successful (scary)
  •          37% of UK companies have reported a data breach to the Information Commissioners Office in the last 12 months
  •          44% of people say they’d stop spending with a business after a security breach
  •          33% of UK businesses say they’ve lost business after a data breach

YET… only 31% of UK businesses have done a cyber security risk assessment this year. Go figure

What could this mean for your business? Are you taking the necessary steps to protect your data from a security breach?

If not, our partnered cyber expert Jamie Saviour at GeekingITSimple can help you get your cyber your security up to date and head to our cyber insurance page to see how we can help your further 

*statistics provided by GeekingITSimple