Common Cyber security Solutions for Manufacturers

Released On 11th Sep 2021

Common Cyber security Solutions for Manufacturers

The coronavirus pandemic resulted in many employers and organisations having to rely more heavily on technological solutions to maintain operations. While technology can be a great asset for a wide variety of organisations, it must also be understood how increased use of technology can result in additional exposures related to cyber-security.

According to research by Make UK published in May, 47 per cent of all manufacturers in Great Britain experienced a cyber-attack in the previous 12 months. Of those organisations, 63 per cent reported that the cyber-incident resulted in costs of over £5,000. Another 22 per cent reported costs between £5,000 and £25,000.

Further research has revealed that approximately one-eighth of UK manufacturers are avoiding adopting digital solutions due to concerns about potential cyber-attacks. However, while these concerns have hindered the implementation of technology for some organisations, approximately 87 per cent reported being confident in their current cyber-security measures.

When surveyed by Make UK, the most common cyber-security solutions that manufacturers reported utilising were:

  • Antivirus software
  • Firewalls
  • Network-wide system and software updates
  • Controlled access to data and systems
  • Cyber-security measures for electronic devices and software

Furthermore, 52 per cent of organisations reported that they had obtained insurance cover for losses related to a cyber-incident.

Taking the time to understand what precautions are being taken by other manufacturers may help organisations protect themselves from cyber-crime. For more cyber-security guidance and information, contact us today