Introducing our new online quote and buy products

Released On 22nd Feb 2022

Introducing our new online quote and buy products

We would like to introduce you to our new online quote products.

We are becoming aware that micro businesses and home and car owners would like to access our quality of service and low prices but at present we focus on supporting larger complex insurance cases to ensure they have the correct cover and ongoing support.  Many people ask us if we can cover their smaller and more straightforward cases as they also want to experience our care and high level of support, others want to have a look at what is available remotely before they enter a discussion with us and don’t want hundreds of cookie generated emails as a result.

So here is ……….

A simple online quote system that allows people to enter straightforward insurance quotes such as home, motor and micro business insurance such as sole traders, self employed, small shop owners, hairdressers and barbers and landlords with small numbers of residential or commercial premises that allows you access to our huge range of insurers and so gives you the potential of finding a quote lower than expected. 

Just another comparison website?  Don’t forget our expertise and quality of service is still just a phone call away, with no call system to negotiate or follow up spam.  We use many more large insurance companies that you may not have direct access to via a comparison website.  As you are still using our broker service, we will help you handle your claims so that you get a fast service with our expertise to help you with decision making and contact with your insurance company.

As our clients are our the centre of our work, we want to make sure that this will work for you.  We are entering 3 months of thorough testing to make sure this system matches the quality you have learned to expect from us.  Please give it a try and give us your feedback so we can continue to provide the award winning service and competitive quotes that we are famous for. Visit our Self-Servce page now and give us a try!